• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-47 WEEK82 2024/03/11 Interior Works and Electrical Parts Installation


    Plumbing works at living area, deck fittings re-installation and procurement / fixing of electrical parts are on going.


    Plumbing plan at a main and a stern cabin as well as an engine room. (upper photo) 500 liters fresh water tank under the main cabin (lower photo) 50 liters drinking water tank at starboard side.

    メインキャビンのテーブル、両サイド折り畳み式の大型で4本のワインラック付き. ハニコム材で軽く仕上げる

    A large size folding table at a main cabin with 4 wine holders made by light weight honeycomb.


    A windlass has re-installed. It needs large size cable to run with 12 V.  


    Blocks and a sheet stopper for furler jib control system have been re-installed. Cleats at both side for spring lines have also fixed.

    110V / 220V インパーター、トライマランの整備をしているセーラーから譲ってもらった

    Trace inverter has been acquired from a sailor who is repairing his trimaran.


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