• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-46 WEEK81 2024/03/04 Finishing Works


    The deck painting has been continued. For this time, 4 weeks will be here to re-intall a mast and an engine. Electric system is now ready for installation.

    約2ヶ月ぶりに戻ってきた.  デッキ塗装はトップコート一層目(バウ・スターボ、ポート半分)、プライマー一層目(ボート半分、スターン).   進捗を見ながら、とにかくデッキ塗装の完了を目指す.

    After 2 months absence, 1st layer of top coat at bow, starboard and half of port side, while 1 st layer of primer at remaining half of port side and stern. Trying to complete deck painting as soon as possible.

    今週までで、デッキ塗装はトップコート1層目とプライマー2層目とデッキ部の濃茶色の木部塗装まで完了.  残る塗装は2層のトップコートと滑り止め塗装、来週には完了の予定. もう一息!

    By this week, 1st layer of top coat, 2nd layer of primer and brown color wooden gunnel have been done. All deck painting will be completed within next week.

    メインキャビンの仕上げ、床下の 500リッター清水タンク内部の清掃と点検ハッチの取り付け. これとは別に右側座席下に50リットルの飲料用清水タンクがある.

    Total 500 liters of fresh water tanks under floor are now cleaned and checking hatches are installed. There is a 50 liters drinking water tank under a seat right side.

    4年ほど前に計画した電気システム、100Wソーラーパネル12枚を500W2枚に.  バッテリーは100Ah AGM GELバッテリー5基を280Ahリチウムバッテリー2基に変更. 月日の流れはより良いパーツを安価で手に入れる機会をもたらした.

    The original electrical plan was made about 4 years ago. Now 12 nos of 100W solar panels are to be 2 nos of 500W panels and 5 nos of 100Ah AGM GEL batteries are to be 2 nos of 280Ah Lithium batteries. The time gone by contributes to acquire better parts with low costs. 

    メインキャビンの照明の配線工事開始.  マストトップの全周灯、風向風速計のベース取り付け

    Electrical works – installation of ceiling lights in a main cabin has started. An anchoring light and bases for wind speed and direction sensors have been fixed at the top of mast.