• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-48 WEEK83 2024/03/18 Electrical Works Commenced


    Electrical parts have been delivered, so installation of the electrical parts has commenced.

    まずはソーラーパネル、500Wを2枚、1.1 x 2.2m スターンコックピットの日除けを兼ねて、ちょうどいい具合に収まった、この2枚で全ての電力供給を担う。

    Firstly, 2 nos of solar panel 500W (1.1 x 2.2m) each, fixed onto bracket of stern cockpit shading  from sunshine. These 2 panels will provide all electrical power supply.


    Breakers with fuse, 6 nos of 110/220V outlets, 8 nos of USB outlets and an automatic bilge pump sensor etc.


    Cable and terminator parts

    アッパーキャビンのスターボ側に電装パネルを配置、全ての配線はメインキャビンの隔壁裏にリードされる、リチウムイオンバッテリー (280Wh x 2)は階段左側の座席下の収納予定

    An electrical panel will be installed in an upper cabin, so all wirings are to be led behind a bulkhead in a main cabin. 2 nos of lithium ion batteries will be placed in a compartment at the left side of a staircase under seat. 


    Mast is ready, A main sail is rolling in mast furler system.