• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ

    若草色 ハル最終塗装

    Story-41 WEEK68 2023/12/4 Light Green Hull Painting Top Coat


    The final top coat painting has started. After long thinking, the final coat is eyeblow light green. A beautifull yacht hull will be here with 3 layers coating.


    The 1st layer is slight green, the 2nd layer is bright light green. After white belt paint at water line and dark brown paint onto wooden fender, the 3rd final layer will be continued.


    Wooden base of a hatch at bow head been repaired due to rain water leakage.


    Bogging for bow head washing bowl.

    マストの整備を開始 マストトップの航海灯、無線アンテナ、レーダーなどのワイヤーを取り替える、2mmの3色のワイヤーをそれぞれ50m用意した

    Mast repair started. Wires for mast top white light, anntena feder for radio and rader are to be replaced. 2mm dia, 3 color, 50m each wire were prepared.

    エンジンルーム 昔 & 今

    Engine room before & after