• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-40 WEEK65-67 2023/10/23 〜12/2 Hull Painting Finishing


    2 painters will continue hull paint works while my 5 weeks leave from Cebu. The work efficiency may drop somewhat when no supervisor is around. The final finishing works will be resumed in December.


    Nov 3,  2023, Hull paiting on port side. The 1st layer of epoxy primer applied and bogging to repair uneven surface has bee completed. After this, the 2nd epoxy primer coating, the final sanding and  3 layers of top coat will be followed.


    Nov 19,  2023, hull paiting on starboard  side and transam are on going. After 1st layer of epoxy primer applied and bogging to repair uneven surface, 

    11月25日スターボ側の船艇塗装の様子。2層目のエポキシプライマー塗布後、 不陸補正とサンディング完了

    Nov 25,  2023, the 2nd layer of epoxy primer and bogging has been completed.

    ANZAHL のトップコート、これから3層で仕上げ塗装

    Top coat of ANZAHL, 3 layers of coating.


    The light green 1st layer top coat at port side


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