• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-39 WEEK64 2023/10/23 Deck Fittings and Hull Painting Continued


    Three weeks have passed. Hull painting is on going. It will take 3 weeks more to complete for both sides of the Isana. Although I won’t be here, two skilled painters will continue the works.


    Painting at port side hull is continued. On more white color epoxy primer will be applied then again repair of depression. The final 2 layers of epoy top coat will be followd. Can you imagine what is the color will be.


    3 Eyes at each side  for standing riggin for mast  and stantions have been re-installed. It looks like Yacht. 


    A mast step fixed with 8 nos of 10mm dia. stainless steel bolts. A support pole inside cabin is also firmly fixed.


    The final finishing of upper cabin interiors will be reconsider in due course. At least doors at both sides, windows, a hatch at ceiling, steeling wheel and electrical swich board are more essential for start sailing.