• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-35 WEEK60 2023/2/27 Finishing interior


    It has been 70% cloudy or rainy days in this 3 weeks since the works resumed. Skilled carpenters are sometimes off work so vigor of the shipyard is somewhat less. Deck works on a stern deck on the fine day and interior works at cabins and head on the rainy day continued.
    The works will be suspended again untill June to July due to being out of Philippines for Japan or other country for part time job assignment. Hoping all the works will be completed next time for 3 to 4 weeks.



    Works ongoing on the water with blue sheet for rain and sun light shade.

    A new cockpit and deck surface finishing ongoing on the stern deck.


    A holding tank for bow head. 2 pipes on top are for sewerage and ventilation.



    Half way of piping works at bow head.

    Sewerage from bowl is pumped up to U shape pipe then a switch valve divides sewerage to a holding tank or direct discharge to through hull.


    Interior at a center cabin. It has been substantially completed before COVID-19, but due to rain water seapage, it need reworks.



    Ceiling panel installation at a center cabin. All ceiling panels are to be removable for deck fittings and electrical applances.