• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-36 WEEK61 2023/10/5 Hull Painting


    It has been planned to resume restoration works in June 2023, however after been back to Japan early May, many events made me to come back to the shipyard in Carmen, Cebu in October. The week 61 started on Thursday so it is a half week. Until October 28 for 3.5 weeks, hull paint and interior works are to be proceeded.


    Many yachts are on dry dock making use of large tidal range during spring tide. 

    定宿 Lav Garden & Residences, いつもの4号室ではなく、今回は5号室

    Lav Garden & Residences as usual. For this time, No.5 room instead of usual No.4 room.


    One of the mission for this time is hull paint. Navy color painted on the orginal white about 20 years ago is to be removed and new color will be painted. All on water works.


    It is quite easy to remove old paing by heating.