• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ

    ハル清掃4週目 クリスマスまで

    Story-29 WEEK54 2022/12/12 Hull cleaning 4th week before Christmas


    It has been decided that the Isana on the cradle to make hull completely dry after Christmas due to minor surface damages and osmosis found on the hull. The restroration works are now in the final stage. Doors at a fore castle and a bow head have been installed, finishing works at the fore castle is on going, a companion way door at an upper cabin has been substantially completed, and some through hulls have been closed and the gate valves are cleaned.


    Paint removal of the hull has been suspened at 95% because of drying on the cradle for 6 weeks after Christmas.


    A door at a companion way to a fore cabin are designed with 2 panels each side in order not to jam steering operation and chart works at the upper cabin. 



    Finishing works for interiors at the fore castle commenced. Epoxy primer for FRP surface and Vernish sealer for wooden panel before application of top coat.


    Doors for the fore castle and a bow head have been installed.



    2 out of 4 through hulls have been closed at an engine room.



    Finishing paints

    (UL) Island Epoxy Primer, (UR) Hudson Vernish – Sealer & Top coat,  (LL) Paint Remover and Epoxy Reducer, (LR) Hudson Top coat