• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ

    進捗85% もう一息です (が一時帰国のため4週間中断)

    (Story-26 WEEK51 2022/10/18  Progress 85% Some more effort ; but 4 weeks scheduled suspension due to going home to Japan)


    External repair has proceeded for 3 weeks for this time. A cockpit made on stern deck, pulpits repair at bow and stern, wooden gunnels repair, deck paint removal, wooden steering wheel repair and mast support pole inside of fore cabin have been done. So far, progress is about 85%. The works will be suspended for 4 weeks and go home to Japan.


    A mast support pole (5 inch dia. stainless pipe) installed.



    Layers of paint in long years with non-slip deck coating have been removed up to gelcoat layer. Especially, non-slip coating with very stiff sands which is hard to remove by a disc grainder was able to be peeled off by heating by a burner. 


    Teak wood ? gunnel at stern port side corner has decade, so removed and reinstalled.


    Varnish paint on a steering wheel has been peeling off by paint remover.


    A pedestal has been roughly completed.