• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    Story-50 WEEK85 2024/04/01 Main Cabin & Deck Fittings


    It has been 85 weeks passed with 50 stories rocorded since the end of 2019 when the Isana had towed from Cebu Yacht Club to the shipyard in Carmen. During which, the restoratin works had suspended for 2 years due to Covit-19 and temporary works at overseas construction site. For 5 weeks in this time, deck non-skid painting has been completed, a mast and an engine have been reinstalled and electrical works has commenced. So the works are now on the final stage, however only the electrical works will be continued till early August.

    メインキャビン内部、室内灯や110/220V, USB電源、バウのアンカーウィンチ(ウィンドラス)の配線が進む

    Wiring for room lights, 110/220V and USB outlets and a windlass at bow have been installed in the main cabin.


    Water fausets at gallery, from left side, seawater, drinking water and fresh water (from 500 liter bottom tank). Vinyl piles are installed in engine room.


    Foot switches for a windlass have been installed.


    A mast and a boom with traveler system are seen. Painting inside the deck cockpit chairs completed.


    Non-skid paint onto deck has beeen completed. Ventilations were also fixed back. A view around the mast is like sailing yacht.