• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ

    進捗 50% コロナの脅威が迫ってきた

    (Story-21 WEEK19-22   2020/4/6 – 2020/5/2  Progress 50%  COVIT-19 was around the corner) 



    Major interiors had been installed. Water system had been re-designed. Engine room had been also planned to have widely open space. Some electrical equipment, radar etc, and equipment at head had been examined.

    COVIT-19 forced many small towns in Philippines to be rocked down, so wondering when the restoration works was to be suspended and gone home to Subic. 


    フォアキャビン床下の500 リットル清水タンク、50リットルの飲料用清水タンク、スターンヘッドのシャワーには清水タンクから電動ポンプにて給水


    Water supply plans sketched (red line for intake & green line for discharge)

    A 500 liters pure water tank under the fore cabin floor and a 50 liters drinking water tank are planned . Water supply to shower facility in the stern head be made by an electric pump from the 500 liters water tank.

    手前3つが 500リットル清水タンク

    3 compartments below are 500 liters pure water tank


    Openings for cleaning of 500 liters pure water tank

    右側バースの下に飲料用清水を貯蔵する 50リットルのタンクを設置、造水機またはペットボトル水を直接給水することが可能

    A 50 liters pure water tank below fore cabin berth. The pure water be made by the water maker or direct pour by pet bottles.



    An engine room isolated from fore and stern cabins. Access is vertically step down from an upper cabin.


    Cradles for 250 liters fuel tank at both sides of the engine room.


    A fuel tank on the cradle in the engine room.



    There were 2 fuel gauges at center and side of the tank. Fuel be supplied to engine from center of the tank with hose connected. 


    A fore castle had been shaped. A front door is for access to bow anchor pit which is not necessary, so it would be completely closed later.


    Doors and other finishing works took time.


    An Autohelm (Raymarine) LCD display been damaged.


    Got a Furuno radar at Yahoo auction.  40,499yen


    バウ、スターンの2か所のヘッド用に2セットと取り替えパーツをアメリカのWest Marineにオーダー

    2 sets of piston assemblies of toilet bowl for bow and stern heads been ordered to West Marine USA.

    コロナ感染者が爆増し、Home Quarantine Passや隣町に行くためのトラベルパスによる人の移動の規制が始まった


    Due to COVIT-19, personal movement had been strictly controlled by Home Quarantine Pass and Travel Pass. It took 2 ~ 3 hours to get food at supermarket due to long line to enter the shop.