• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ


    (Story-13 WEEK00  2019/11/30〜12/2  Docking the Yacht taking 3 days) 

    2019/11/30朝 ついにヨットをセブヨットクラブからカーメンのピノイボートサービスに回航開始。曲折の末、3日がかりで無事にドックイン完了。修理の準備が整った。

    In the morning on 30 Nov 2019, towing the yacht from Cebu Yacht Club to Pinoy Boat Services started. It took 3 days for towing & docking due to some troubles.


    17.3 miles from Cebu Yacht Club to Carmen.


    Tough approach through narrow channel to Pinoy Boat Services. 

    1日目 11/30朝、カーメンまでの回航を請け負ってくれたバンボートで曳航開始したが、ヨットクラブを出たところでエンジントラブル


    On the 1st day Nov 30, a banboat started towing to Carmen, but stopped outside of the Yacht Club due to engine trouble. Stayed a night at off port. 


    On the 2nd day Dec 1 afternoon, towing resumed by a work boat from Carmen. 4 hours voyage.  


    Towing lines from bow cleat with bridle due to mast step damage.


    Sunset on the 2nd day made me relaxed after troubles on towing to Carmen.

    3日目 12/2深夜、満潮時を狙って修理場所に移動

    On the 3rd day Dec 2 midnight, the yacht moved to final destination for repair during high tide.



    On Dec. 3 morning, the yacht took mooring at shipyard for repair. Restoration of the yacht was about to start. Half a year with budget of 3~4 million yen for the works were estimated, but COVIT-19 forced everything changed.


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