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    Salt & Pepper Town, Kampot, Cambodia


    A town of Kampot, Cambodia, famous for pepper and salt, is located at 100km east from Sihanoukville. In the Age of Exploration in 15th century, large sailing ships had arrived to the South-east Asia seeking for spices across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The pepper which is the most profitable spices was originally grown up at Marabal Beach in south-west of India and then spread over South-east Asia like north Vietnam and Cambodia.


    It takes about 2.5 hours from Sihanoukville to Kampot by driving. 20km unpaved  road makes trip slow.


    Old town houses in Kampot. No China money has reached here yet. It’s good! 

    いわゆる天日塩田. 細い水路で内陸部の塩田のそばに作った池に海水を引き込み、太陽熱により水分を蒸発させて塩分濃度を25%まで高める. この濃い海水を塩田に引き込むと、塩が結晶となって析出する.

    Sea water is led to inland ponds through a narrow waterway. Salt density in the ponds become 25% by evaporating water, then this high dense salty water is led into saltpan to crystallize.

    胡椒農園La Plantation、胡椒は枝からぶら下がるように成長し、今の時期は緑から赤に変わる

    La Plantation is one of pepper farms. The pepper is hanging down from branches. Color changes from green to red in this season.


    4 peppers, green, red, white and black. These peppers will contribute to delicious dishes in the ISANA.


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