• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ

    【Cruising Plan 05】South China Sea to Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia


    I am staying now at Sihanoukville, Cambodia suspending restoration of Isana in Cebu, Philippines. I had been here roughly 20 years ago for a few days of business trip to visit port construction site, however drastic changes made me surprised after all. Since 2017, China money made this old town as the second Macau and many hotels, casinos and condominiums had been constructed. A costy expressway between Phnom Penh to the old town had been constructed as well under the belt and load initiative of China government. However in 2019, online casino has been banned, then many hotels and casinos had stopped operation as well as new construction of hotels, casinos and condominiums had also stopped halfway, which spoiling beautiful views of this old town.
    Sailing from Subic, Philippines may takes 12 day (approx. 1,160 N miles) on straight course, however so-called 9-dashed line may interfere the sailing course. How do the yachts sailing across the South China Sea?



    Sailing route from Subic, Philippines crossing the area surrounded by the 9-dashed line. Is it safe?


    Rapid development after 2017 made the Sihanouk Ville Town drastically changed.


    Ghost buildings of hotels and casinos which stopped construction half-way. Terrible view at night.


    Ghost buildings stopped half-way. A highrise building at the center has been almost completed but half way stopped.


    A beautiful sunset at Ou Chheuteal Beach, standing comparable to Manila Bay sunset.


    Chinese style restaurants at Ou Chheuteal Beach save hot pod. Shrimps are for BBQ, but they are still alive, so good for sashimi.

    昼食、チキンの焼飯、中々の味、ビール込みで US$5.25

    A chicken fried rice with Heineken beer, US$5.25. Taste good!


    Taxi Appli, PassApp, gives information of available taxi. A few km to super market costs 7,700 KHR (US$1.80).


     A tuk-tuk will come to fetch me 


    Koh Puos Island from Golden Beach Restaurant. A bridge had been constructed for island resort development, however currently not in use due to suspension of the resort development.