• 42ft long keel yacht 再建から長距離クルージングへ

    Cebu : from Mandaue to Carmen


    When repairing yacht Isana, living in Carmen and Danao. Sometimes when need special parts and material, going to Mandaue with 115cc motorcycle. Also, when want to have Japanese food, staying a night at a hotel in Mandaue.


    The shipyard at Carmen is located approx. 32km north from Mandaue, Cebu center town. There are several rural town passing by.

    東横イン、セブ マンダウェの中心に位置し朝食付きシングルルーム、メンバー価格P1,615 。日本食レストラン呑ん気、但馬屋の焼肉などを楽しみにしつつ、修理材料調達のため週末に滞在することもある

    The Toyoko Inn hotel in the center of Mandaue, P1,615 a night for a single room. Enjoying Nonki Japanese restaurant and BBQ Tajima-ya in some weekend.


    BBQ at Tajima-ya, P899 buffet all-you-can-eat


    On the way to Camen, the first town Consolacion, there is a famous SM mall.


    A lighthouse monument at the south end of Liloan town

    セブのマーケットでたまに買うセブのベストクッキーOTAP、食べ始めると止まらないほど美味しい。その工場兼直売店舗がリロアンにある, 1907創業のサインボードが誇らしい

    The best seller cookie OTAP which is so delicious that cannot stop eating. A main factory and head office with retailing shop is located along the main road to Danao

    Citi ハードウェアショップ、一般的な商品を扱うが、品数が多いのでヨット用の材料も見つけることができるのがありがたい

    The Citi hardware which is nationwide chain shop, some of the good selling here are good for yacht 


    Border gate between towns of Liloan and Compostela


    Lantau local restaurant is located sea front along the main load with good view of beautiful sea


    Minebea-Mitsumi Electric Company at Danao. It employs thousands of local people from surround towns contributing to regional economics 

    そのミネベア・ミツミ電機の従業員通用門のところに鉄腕アトム像が屹立している, 時々服が替わる

    A statue of Astroboy (Tetsuwan Atomu) at the entrance of the Minebea-Mitsumi Electric Company. He is changing his cloth time  by time


    A tropical drawing on the wall at the beach in front of the Minebea-Mitsumi factory.


    One of the beach resorts along the main road to Danao.  Seawater is  very clear 


    A center of Danao town. McDonald and Jollibee are there


    A border between Danao and Camen. Right side of this signboard, the shipyard of Isana repairing is located.